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Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

Are Bed Bugs Contagious

Are Bed Bugs Contagious?  Well, in 2013 there was an estimated 20% increase in reported bed bug cases. As the number of reported cases rise across the United States and the World, people continue to ask.  While the first answer might be NO, it could actually be Yes too, but in a way that is different than you might be thinking.

While these little blood suckers can hitchhike on your clothes or belongings left in places where populations of bed bugs are lurking, it’s less likely they will move between folks during the day. These nocturnal creatures hide during the day and don’t want to be discovered. They will come out and feed at night. They aren’t looking to move about in the daylight.  They are very opportunistic however, and if there is a large infestation without much of a readily available food source, they have been known to feed in the day. While they likely won’t want to attach to you or the clothes you are currently wearing during the day, they do want to live in your mattress or your headboard, or your dresser drawer. Anywhere that is close by to where they will be feeding at night.  All of the increased activity of these little guys in recent years, is what leads people to wonder are bed bugs contagious.

While it has been seen that Bed bugs do tend to live in lower income units, they can be found at all socio economic levels. They may tend to be more prevalent at lower income levels. There are likely multiple reasons but a may be because some property owners of lower income properties may be less likely to take care of infestations properly and timely. Lower income folks also tend to move more often..thus exposing themselves to more opportunity to exposure to where these bugs have infestations. Their answer to are bed bugs contagious is more likely to be yes. These insects do like used furniture and bedding, and poor tenants are more likely to either purchase or pick up these items from questionable areas and stores.

Bed bugs will move throughout a home and a single pregnant female may be able to produce genetically linked insects throughout an entire house.  They can survive almost a year without feeding so they can survive long periods of time hiding in that couch someone threw out on the side of the road. Your answer are bed bugs contagious will be yes, if you pick up that couch and bring it home

Fortunately bed bugs are not currently known to carry diseases so at least that’s a plus. They do seem to be adapting to their environment and with the large increase of reported infestations…it is likely that folks will continue to ask.. Are Bed Bugs Contagious.


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