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Bed Bites are so Not Cool. It makes sense to figure out if they are Bed Bugs or not.

Bed Bites

How emotionally draining must it be when someone is compelled to search the internet for Bed bites? You can almost feel the stress that someone may be under when they type in that search term. Please…oh Please…oh Please….Don’t let it be bedbugs they are probably thinking.

Maybe they are totally oblivious to the bed bug explosion throughout the world. If it is bed-bugs in their situation, they are in for an education that we all hope to never experience. Bed Bugs Gone Completely Wild …is a great read to help you understand the problem should you want to know more about bed bites.

While it is unlikely you will need to burn the house down as some of the media hype might make someone think, there is a lot of work to be done in order to manage an infestation of Cimex lectularius (bed-bugs).

First of all, Do Not Panic.

Bed bites could be mosquitoes, or fleas, or a spider bite,or some other insect that you were not aware bit you. Bed bites could be from any of several sources. Here is a product that a lot of people have used for  bites with some success. See reviews.

The best way to know, is to correctly identify the insect if there are Bedbugs present. You can see many pictures of bed bugs on this site. It is not normally a good way to diagnose bed-bugs by just looking at the bites. However , bed bugs will often bite multiple times in one area. Three times is pretty consistent. Some call it…breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Bed bites in groups of three, sometimes more could point to bed-bugs.

If you think it could be bed bugs….Check your home and see if you have an infestation. You can begin by taking a flashlight and looking at your mattress, box springs, and all bedding. Look in all crevices in and around the bed or area where you or others sleep. Be sure to check cracks in walls, behind base boards and walls and mostly in areas within 10 feet of where you sleep. Night stands, tables, screw heads, and anywhere they can squeeze into is a possible hiding place for bed bugs. Pick up and clean up any clutter around the bed area and inspect it for bed bugs too.  You can usually tell because you will see reddish rusty looking dots, or black spots, exoskeletons, and possibly live bugs. They are often described as flat and similar to the size of an apple seed. When engorged after feeding they will be a reddish brown in color.

If in doubt, check with a licensed Pest Control Professional to perform an inspection. They may also be a good option for you should your home need treatment to eliminate an infestation. Nobody should have to endure Bed Bites in their own home. Some folks find that it is helpful to use a pillow encasement and mattress encasement to help protect their pillow, box spring, and mattress.

If the pest control company does not find Bed Bugs, then you need to look for other possible culprits…and a professional company should be able to assist you with that too. Bite Back is another good read written by a Pest Control operator in New York.


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