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Bed Bug Feces is NOT what you want to wake up to.

bed bug feces

The last thing you want to see when you check into your hotel room is Bed Bug Feces on the sheets. How do you know if these are droppings from Cimus Lectularius (bed bugs)…?

Most droppings or Bed Bug Feces would be described as being a reddish rusty brown in color although sometimes they may appear black too. However one of the other “droppings” that these little bugs create is their exoskeletons that they grow out of as they develop into adulthood. There will usually be quite a few of these too if you are seeing a growing and active infestation. Why? Because it takes about 5 Blood feedings and follow up molts in order for a nymph to reach adulthood. As they grow, they shed their outer exoskeleton.  The Bed Bug feces usually still contains some blood material so it will often leave reddish rust colored marks on bed covers, box springs, mattresses and the like. Any engorged adults that may get crushed during sleep time could leave more of a reddish color. So really when someone states that they see bed bug droppings, they are likely seeing a combination of bed bug feces and if in a hiding spot with an active infestation, bugs and exoskeletons too.

Since these insects are nocturnal…they are going to be hiding during the day and feeding during the night when they can find a blood meal. They will normally feed close to where they hide but they do have the ability to move about 100 feet in a nighttime if they need to.

The good news is that they do not jump or fly so they must either crawl or hitchhike to their destinations.  They aren’t going to leap up onto you as you walk by. The bad news is that they will go with you in your luggage and set up residence back at your house if you are not careful. If you travel and see signs of bed bugs such as droppings or bed bug feces in a hotel room, inform the management, and ask for another room, or find another hotel. Today’s reality however is that a seedy hotel or an elegant hotel could both be at risk for bed bugs.  Since bed bugs travel in clothes, luggage and materials being moved in and out of rooms, it is very possible that any room you walk into could have had these insects introduced into it. Most hotels are aware of the problem and typically do all they can to avoid the situation. The last thing the hotel  wants  to do is have you find bed bug feces in the room and to appear on a bed bug report on the internet.  Bugs are bad for business!  Here is a good read to help shed more light on the subject.


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