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Bed Bug Hotels or more accurately, Bed Bug Rooms.

Bed Bug Hotels

     A common request all over the internet is which properties are the Bed Bug Hotels?  While at first this seems like a reasonable question, the answer more accurately might be…When? 

You may stay in a room of a first class hotel that had someone 8 weeks ago with Bed Bugs on their luggage and now it’s your problem too. You might also stay in a cheaper hotel in a room that had Bedbugs last year, and has been treated and monitored and it is fine. The list on the internet that shows a hotel room that was fine a month ago…may not be now. Likewise…a problem room if treated, monitored and managed correctly can be a safe place to stay too. Otherwise…they would be bulldozing hotels all across the world proclaimed Bed Bug Hotels. Here is a good book The Bed Bug Combat Manual that can help you understand more about bed bugs.

   While it makes sense to avoid obvious problem hotels, or hostels, or college dorms, it may be a temporary thing too. Many people have found mattress and pillow encasement provide a little peace of mind. If you peruse the lists of Bed Bug Hotels and you see a reoccurring problem at a particular property…then it is wise to be wary. However, bedbugs are often misdiagnosed by hotel guests and the uninformed customer. A property could be branded as one of the Bed Bug Hotels inaccurately. Because of all of the media hoopla and scare tactics…the hotel world is seen as a scary place. Customers may make statements where they claim bed bug bites…and it could be a flea, or spider, or even a mosquito bite. It may have also happened before they even traveled. Of course, it could also be accurate that it was Bed Bugs. While it is very possible you can become a host or transporter back to your home…you can take some steps to help try and minimize your potential for exposure. Many people have found Bed Bug Traps to be helpful when placed under their bed legs.

Bed Bugs Feed at Night primarily. However, bedbugs are opportunists, and in heavily infested areas they may feed during daylight hours if competition is fierce. They will normally be hiding during the day and will do their best to not be found. However, if you spend a few minutes (always bring a small flashlight with you when you travel) you can usually detect an obvious problem if there is one. If yours is one of the Bed Bug Hotels, you should be able to locate them if there is a decent size bug infestation.

Look in cracks and crevices! Read that again….. These guys will be striving to be within 10 feet or less of where they feed. That means mattresses, box springs, bedding with creases and hiding spots, headboards, nightstands, furniture, cracks in the wall. Anywhere that can be a safe harbor for the bedbug can be a spot to find them. They are very thin when they haven’t fed, and some people say they resemble small watermelon seeds while others say more like apple seeds. You should also look for dark spots (Bed Bug Feces) and also exoskeletons esp. on any bedding areas.  These are debris left by the bed bug as it molts 5x on its way to adulthood.

If you do find an issue or a questionable area, request another room from the hotel and also inspect that one too. If you are in one of the Bed Bug Hotels which you know because you found them in a previous room,  you should definitely check the new room too.  Bed Bug Hotels could have multiple problem rooms and you don’t want to be in any of them overnight. It also always makes sense to never leave your clothes or your luggage on the bed. A good recommendation is that you keep your bags in the hotel bathtub when it’s dry. It’s also smart to inspect, wash at high temperature, and put your clothes in your dryer when you return home (15-30 minutes at least …on high). Inspect your luggage to make sure you haven’t brought any unwanted visitors with you. Since luggage can be a transporter..a luggage company has come up with this cool idea to try and combat the problem. It can also make sense to bag your clothes in a large protective plastic bag in order to help keep bed bugs out when storing your clothes.

In reality….any property could wind up on the list of Bed Bug Hotels. However, by using common sense and being aware of the situation…you can help minimize the possibility of bringing home unwanted hitch hikers.


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