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Bed Bug Registry NYC is a popular place.

Bed Bug Registry NYC
Bed Bug Registry NYC

Bed Bug Registry NYC

Bed Bug Registry NYC

Bed Bug Registry NYC grows in popularity as the world continues to travel day and night, there are more world travelers than at any time in recent history. Along with the human travelers from other lands, come undetected hitchhiking travelers from other lands too.

Cimex lectularius or bed-bugs as they are commonly known are racking up the frequent flier miles. When they arrive in America, they need somewhere to stay too. Since New York City is such a popular destination for people, it is also a very popular home to bed bugs too. Because of that and the fact that people are becoming aware of the growing problem, places such as Bed Bug Registry NYC have become a popular item on the internet. The registry is an attempt to help travelers when they want to book a hotel or place to stay. Here is an interesting item to help try and stave off the bed bug explosion while traveling.. heated luggage.

The city of New York actually has well over 1,000 licensed Pest Control companies. It has pest control professionals that number in the thousands. The city government is aware of the problem and hosts its own bed bug information site. The last thing a government/city who is dependent on incoming visitors wants is to be known for its bed bug problems. The government itself is doing all it can to encourage management and control of the insect infestations. No city wants to be seen as safe harbor for the perceived bed bug epidemic that is typically plastered all over the news.

Apartments, Hotels, Motels, Schools and all kinds of public places are under scrutiny by the public and the government to make sure that they have a proper response plan in place to manage bed bugs.  No business or company or government wants to be on the results for a search for Bed Bug Registry NYC.  Not seeing a city or hotel on the list is not a guarantee of not having bed bug problems. You would still be wise to check your room as you check in. Open the door, put your bags in the tub or leave them watched in the hall. Look at the bedding first…box springs, mattresses, sheets, blankets. You don’t want to see reddish brown spots on any of the bedding or mattress area. Look using a flash light, and also check bed stands, dressers, cracks, and spaces between floor boards and the wall. Check anything within 8 to 10 feet of the bed. Bugs, droppings, exoskeletons shed by bed bugs, and blood spots, are indicators. You should not see anything….if you do, request another room or find another hotel…and check the new room too. Better safe than sorry.

That being said…here is a brief look at what folks are seeing on the net:

Orkin Pest Control,who has released their annual list of top cities of the most bed bug infested sites in the U.S., shows the following information regarding three New York cities.

New York City came in at #17 which is surprising as there is such interest in Bed Bug Registry NYC.

Buffalo came in at #38

Albany/Troy/Schenectady came in at #43

They also noted that bed bug infestations increased by 20% in 2013.  Chicago had the unfortunate designation as the U.S city with the most bed bug infestations. Here is a good resource on understanding bed bugs and their management.


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