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Bed Bus is not the one that you want to ride.

Bed Bus

      Bed Bus. Over 800 people a month search who are trying to search for Bed Bugs, accidentally take a ride on the Bedbus or Bed Bus. 

Thankfully, today’s smart search engines are able to decipher what it is that the user really is searching for. When you accidentally type in the term Bed Bus, you are directed to many of the most popular sites relating to Pest Control and management of bed bugs. If you think you have a bed-bug problem, you may want to read The Bed Bug Combat Manual by Paul J. Bello. As the world becomes exceptionally busy and reliant on technology for more and more help, search terms are one of those things that are often automatically corrected for us. It is interesting that Americans and people throughout the world are so preoccupied that even though the term may be on the tip of their tongue, it is often misspelled by the time that it gets to their fingertips and then to the keyboard. Even though our typing is shown on the screen as we have actually input it into the computer, people still will hit the search button without even thinking.

     Sometimes it just makes sense to go back and see what you have really typed into the Google bar or the Bing box. It will confirm that what search results you received, are actually what you were truly searching for. When you go back and sees some of the crazy things that are misspelled as they are typed in, its amazing that the search engines can make a connection at all. When you see what the consumer was truly searching for it can be pretty funny too. Many folks on the net are really poor typists and misspell words constantly. Sadly, anyone who is typing Bed bus is almost always trying to do research on bed-bugs. As the bed bug epidemic grows it will continue to be more and more of a problem. A 20% increase in bed bug infestations were reported in 2013 according to Orkin Pest Control.

10 commonly misspelled Pest Control search terms include” 

·         Comensal Pests  ….. correct is Commensal..even though spell check says that it is not correct.

·         Exterminater       …..correct is Exterminator

·         Terminater     ………,correct is Terminator

·         Bumbel Bee  ………..correct is Bumblebee

·         Bedbus           ……….correct is Bed Bugs

·         Cycadeae      ………..correct is Cicada

·         Pheremone ………….correct is Pheromone

·         Lime Disease  ………correct is Lyme Disease

·         Mosquitoe   …………correct is Mosquito

·         Preying Mantis …….correct is Praying Mantis

The good news is that most people know the common name for the insect or plant they are looking for. Because they do, the search engines are much more efficient and successful in identifying the desired subject. Thank goodness that the average person searching on the internet does not have to try and guess at the actual scientific term. The Latin term in the plant and insect world is much more difficult to even attempt to spell. In this case, the folks who are looking for Bed Bus would really be in trouble if they had to type Cimex lectularius Linnaeus (Insecta: Hemiptera: Cimicidae) ie Bed-Bugs, into their browser.  The odds are not good that they would spell it correctly. Bedbugs, Bed-Bugs, Bed Bus, and Bed-Bus are common terms searched, however not quite correctly spelled. Hopefully, you won’t ever have the need to search for bed bug treatments, but if you do, the internet will do it’s best to get you there.


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