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Bedbug Bites and what you need to know about them.

Bedbug bites
Bed Bug Bites on Face

Bed Bug Bites on Face

Bedbug bites are much more common than they were just a few short decades ago. While it used to be a cute saying when kissing your child good night, “Don’t Let the Bed bugs bite”, today it can now be a legitimate warning.

First of all, you must decide if these truly are bedbug bites, and not a spider, or an ant, or a mosquito, or a flea. The best way to figure that out is to actually search out and find the bed bug infestation if you have one. There are numerous tools and ways that you can establish this.  First off, you can inspect your sleeping area. If its a couch, or a dorm room, or a bedroom, this is more than likely the places they will feed. The bed bug wants to typically remain within 10 feet or less of where it will feed. That means that they will come out from their hiding place (almost always at night) and scurry over, and take a blood meal, and then go into hiding again. Here are a few dorm room ideas to help with or show an infestation if it exists. If in doubt, and bedbug bites happen, contact the school and let them know your concerns.

How to Find Bed Bugs? Where do Bed Bugs Hide? Here is a study from University of Kentucky showing  the distribution of where they found bed-bugs in 13 infested apartments.

Here is a list of the top areas where bedbugs are typically found.

Top 8 Places to Find Bed Bugs.

1. Box Springs ….almost 35% .

2. Couch or Chair….almost 23%.

3. Mattress ….about 22.5% .

4. Frame/Headboard….about 13.4%.

5. Walls and Ceilings….about 2.3%.

6. Night stand or dresser…about .2%.

7. Base board areas…..1.4%.

8. Other …..3.1%.

If you have bedbug bites, it is imperative that you find the infestation and try to eliminate it. These bugs can travel in luggage (check out this cool new luggage idea to try and help stop bed bug movement). There are many pictures of bedbug bites and bed bugs on this site so spend some time educating yourself on what you should be looking for. You may want to try some of the ideas we have listed here, or if you are not sure you are comfortable doing so, you may want to contact a Pest Control Professional who can help identify your problem. In either case, you could see that bedbug bites often occur in 3’s . Often people in the industry will describe this as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. That is because you will often get multiple bites from one bug. Sometimes bedbug bites can cause an allergic reaction in some people while hardly bothering others. Bites can become infected if being scratched and it just makes sense to make sure you eliminate the bedbug bites problem. Whether you choose to try it yourself, or you bring in a professional, you need to get busy and take care of the problem.


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