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Can You See Bed Bugs? Yes, If you know where to look.

Can You See Bed Bugs

   Can You See Bed Bugs is a very common and reoccurring question. Sadly it belies the fact that people are uncomfortable with even the concept that these guys could be present. What is more than likely running through the mind of the person asking is…. Do I have a bed bug problem and if so, how do I know. They are thinking…if I can see bugs at a hotel or a public place, then more than likely, I can avoid them.

They may wonder, what is this red bump on my neck. This may lead them to believe that maybe  I really do have a problem. If so, then maybe I brought them back with me from that trip I took to Washington DC last month or from Chicago the month before that. Expanding furthermore, the thought process is…Gosh, if I can know where these insects are and how to find them, then I can know to avoid that hotel or that city that I keep hearing has an infestation problem.

   So the answer to the question Can You See Bed Bugs,  is Yes…. however the answer to the question is also No. How can that be you may ask. Because that is how these insects are built and have survived for a millennium. These little guys are very shy and hide during the day. They don’t want to be seen. They are wired to do everything they can to not be found. However, if you go out and look in the right places, you can likely find them if you have an infestation problem. Here is a really good resource to help you learn a lot more about bed bugs and what they look like.

   To find these bugs, it helps to know a little bit about how they feed and where they usually like to live. Its well known that Bed Bugs prefer to typically remain within about 10 feet or less of where there blood host will be sleeping. Although they can move up to 100 feet in a nighttime, they tend to try and live near where they will be feeding at night. Many folks use bed bug traps under their bed to help them try and find a problem.

   It is easier to find them when you know what you are looking for and where to be looking for them. Sometimes, its easier to see the indicators of an infestation once you know what you are looking for. Rust colored dots are a pretty good indicator that you may have bugs present. As they feed, they excrete blood infused droppings that will often appear rusty brownish on the sheets, blankets, bedspreads and mattress/box springs. Sometimes an engorged adult may be crushed recently while one sleeps and that will show more as a reddish blood spot. Since a bed that has bed bugs can very easily host a population with both nymphs and adults it means that you can see them more easily. The adults can be seen by the naked eye,, and are typically up to about 1/4 of an inch long. They appear somewhat flat unless they have had a recent blood meal at which time they will appear reddish purple and engorged. You will typically see them in the cracks, crevices, and tight areas in or around the bed area and during the daytime. They feed at night on unsuspecting hosts and then hide in these areas during the daytime.  Look where they hide…that’s the best way to see Bed Bugs if you have them. Use a flashlight especially when traveling.


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