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Top Cities With Bed Bugs

      Top Cities with Bed Bugs is not the list that any of the Chamber of Commerce groups want to be included on. It may at one time have been considered as an endearing response, but the term “don’t let the bed bugs bite” is becoming more of a reality than many of us would like to see. The consequences to these annoying little buggers are forcing us to question what sort of protection we can engage in for ourselves. Individuals who travel on a regular basis are going so far as to find out where the top cities with bed bugs are located so as they can be aware of the problem. Since there was a 20% increase in bedbug infestation reports in 2013, it is likely that more and more cities will become one of the top cities with bed bugs.

Here is a short list of the Top Cities With Bed Bugs

In no particular order, the following cities have managed to find themselves among numerous BedBug lists prevalent on the web.

●Washington D.C.
●Columbus, Ohio.
●Chicago. (The unfortunate designation as the #1 city for Bed-bugs.)
●Los Angeles.

The Problem.

Bed bugs have been with us for thousands of years and most people will tell you that they have never seen them with their naked eye.  This can cause us to become extremely complacent when dealing with the issue. Some folks even consider some DIY options that may accomplish precious little to help with the prevention of these insects.


As a frequent traveler who may be all too aware of the deteriorating problem with bed bugs, smart travelers are turning to products like travel bedding encasement for their mattresses, simply because they can’t be sure of the level of sanitation from the hotels they plan on frequenting. Some hotels claim that they should get results from using natural products to help alleviate the bed bug problem, however, it seems that they are sometimes failing because they still end up among the top cities with bed bugs. It often requires multiple approaches in order to have success battling bed bugs.

The Traveler.

mattress encasement

mattress encasement

When the unsuspecting traveler thinks that the five star hotel they have spent so much money on will be bug free, they may be in for a rude awakening. Not only did these unsuspecting customers subject themselves to a few nights of nibbles and bites, but depending on how and where they repacked their suitcase, they could have taken some of these stowaways back home with them. A list of the cities isn’t as important as the room that you stayed in or the bed you are slept on. It doesn’t matter if where you stayed isn’t on the top cities with bed bugs list, if you got a bed bug infestation from a non named place.

The Solution.

One of the best solution we have for dealing with the bed bug issue is to correct the problem at our own home before even departing. One option is to pack a travel bedding encasement with you and crib encasement for your child if they are in a crib  Regardless of how many stars are said to shine at your dream hotel, you should continue to monitor the Top Cities with Bed Bugs. Stay aware that you could have a problem at any place you stay, and at any time. It’s possible that you may have to deal with bed bugs some time in the very near future.

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